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The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantasiste

 “That’s cool that…BUT CRAZY!” – Festival goer, Bestival 2012

Brilliantly Quirky Interactive Aerial Performances available for Festivals & Events

The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantasiste has played at:
Kendal Calling, Magic Loungeabout, Cactus Festival (Belgium), Greentop (Sheffield Winter Gardens), Oldham, Deer Shed Festival and Bestival.

The Rogue, The Jester and The Fool, cavort in the faded opulence of their luxuriant boudoir, seeking the infamous Madame Fantaisiste.

Passers-by are invited to luxuriate in this fabulous, convivial abode and onlookers witness or partake in courtly games, dances and circus acts.

Improvised encounters are combined with highly skilled vignettes of performance on an opulent circular aerial structure.

The Premise

When King Charles was restored to the throne in 1660, his muse, Madame Fantasiste did not return. Nearly 350 years later her weary court favourites precipitate her return with: Blatant buffoonery, splendiferous spontaneity, amiable absurdity and tea drinking and TRAPEZE!

This hour and a half long piece can be performed up to twice a day.

The Tech Spec

A minimum 3 hours set up time. 2 hours get out. The aerial structure has a foot print of approximately 5m X 3m and is 4m in height. Risk Assessments and public liabilities provided.

Urban Angels devised The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantasiste as part of a research project with University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University with funding from Beyond Text and Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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For further information, or to book Madame Fantasiste,  please contact us →