The Greatest Circus (and Knitting!) Project ON EARTH?!!

Child knitting with help from an adult

Free Learn to knit, crochet and make pom-poms

Free trapeze lessons for children 8 years+

The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantasiste

The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantasiste

Brilliantly Quirky Interactive Aerial Performances available for Festivals & Events


A wonderfully sensual treat, exploring the dynamic of Earth, Sky and the place they meet. This is aerial work that takes as much account of the space below as the spectacle above and Deborah Sanderson shows great maturity and mastery in her direction, leading the audience’s view through the beautifully evoked world of the insect kingdom.

Wing and a Prayer

“A beautiful, physical poem! It got better and better” “It was like jumping into another world!” “A beautiful, captivating, mesmerising performance! Thank you for sharing” Audience comments from arts@trinity 2011

Mariners Journey

I found the Left Bank Performance really compelling – I loved the danger and the nearness of the flames. Thought could have used fingers to extinguish the wicks – would have added some more danger element. But yes really enjoyed it!