Mariners Journey

“I found the Left Bank Performance really compelling – I loved the danger and the nearness of the flames. Thought could have used fingers to extinguish the wicks – would have added some more danger element. But yes really enjoyed it!”
“I thought the rain really added something theatrical ! Great! I found the putting on of clothing, walking through the flames very interesting – and through the walk the wings became damp, battered and muddy…very powerful image.” – Zoe Parker

“Well done Nice lady (angel)!” – Sash van Wah

“The journey from Left Bank with you was really interesting. The performance at Trinity was beautiful. Love the footage of the video, the installation and music. Well done Urban Angels!” – Elaine Barrow

“I didn’t know I was going to come and what an experience! The rain added to the power of it all. The walk past all our modern day litter, business and city dwelling was amazing. The poor old Albatross. Wish I had time to see the performance again. Beautiful.” – Lucy

“Urban Angels never fail to come up with new and exciting projects. A wonderful multi media piece with stunning movement through the all embracing net. Thank you.” – Garance Rawinski

“This was ace Deborah. Wish I could have joined you on the procession.” – Maggie

“Spellbinding! A wonderful performance and beautifully staged.” – Graham

“Beautiful and mesmerising. I found the acrobatic movements amazing, a real skill to master. Overall a very interesting piece.” – Emma Fawcus

“Absolutely beautiful. Loved the aerial work!” –  Lucy Meredith

“Beautiful, graceful. Lovely space to perform the show.”
Heavenly, spiritual and hypnotic.” – Harriet Walsh

“Beautiful, mournful, atmospheric, moving, grace, what a church is made for.”
“Beautiful! Totally engrossing and captivating. Didn’t want it it end. Loved the costumes.” – Catherine Wilson.

“Visually powerful work, music stunning, it all worked, big fan of Urban Angels.” – San van Wah
“It was a small epic.” – Alan P

“Beautiful images. Poetic & mesmerising. Thank you!” – Tanya Cusan

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